The final Learning Expedition of the PROMISE project titled “Introduction to the drug discovery and development and Translational Medicine – From Bench to Bedside” was held in Zagreb, Croatia. During this five-days expedition students gain the insights into the pharmaceutical and translational medicine procedures, including intellectual property rights. The institutions students visited were School of Medicine and Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, both within University of Zagreb, then pharmaceutical companies PLIVA Croatia; a part of TEVA Group, and Selvita Zagreb, involved in drug discovery, development, testing, and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Also, a visit was organized to the largest scientific institute in Croatia, the Rudjer Boskovic Institute. Within these institutions students got the opportunity not only to witness how the whole process, from drug discovery, testing and manufacturing unravels, but also they got a chance to visit the laboratories and talk to the researchers, clinicians and experts in their respective fields. The importance of the selected institutions for Croatian science and technology, and beyond, is visible through the example of the history of antibiotic discovery. The invention of azithromycin, an active ingredient of one of the most successful antibiotics worldwide, is the greatest achievement for the pharmaceutical company PLIVA in Zagreb (name by PLIVA is Sumamed; name by Pfizer, USA is Zithromax).