Mediterranean Institute for Life Sciences (MedILS) is the coordinator of Erasmus+ project PROMISE- Personalized Medicine Inquiry-Based Education.

What is “PROMISE” and what does it have to do with P4 medicine?
The answer is in dr. Leroy Hood’s quote: "Such is the depth of the paradigm shift that P4 Medicine is inducing that we believe it will be successful only if coupled with a comprehensive P4 Education.”

P4 Medicine, which stands for predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory, aims to revolutionize the practice of medicine by focusing on predicting and preventing the apparition and development of a disease while personalizing the treatment to each patient’s needs. Highly participatory, patients work with their physician to understand their health status and how it is affected by their lifestyle and environment. With this, the demand for qualified researchers and physicians has arisen.

The main objective of the PROMISE project is to prepare medical and science students for the rapidly changing landscape of medical practice and research by creating innovative teaching tools and practices for inquiry-based online learning of P4 Medicine and Responsible Research and Innovationprinciples. This approach requires cross-disciplinary culture and the change towards a proactive mindset from a traditional “fixed” evidence-based approach to treating patients.

Even though P4 medicine is revolutionizing medical care in all its aspects, the appropriate training that develops the P4 medicine understanding and the skills to implement this new approach is lacking in medical schools, and in science programs. By leveraging our partners' expertise, and collaborating closely with physicians, patients, and other stakeholders, we want to examine current needs for training, and how we can construct a cohesive basis of knowledge and skills that can be delivered as online and blended learning programs.

PROMISE curriculum will encompass four online learning modules, and the offline “summer school” training, thus creating a unique international blended learning curriculum.
Grant Agreement No. : 2019-1-HR01-KA203-061010
PROJECT COORDINATOR: Mediterranean institute for life sciences
  1. University of Split, Croatia
  2. Pompeu Fabra University, Spain
  3. University of Zagreb, Croatia
  4. Tamara Milošević, France
  5. European Alliance for Personalised Medicine ASBL

It starts 1. 10.2019. and ends on 30.9.2022.
Consortuim: 4 Countries > Croatia, Spain, France and Belgium

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union