Mediterannean institute for life sciences has a great plaeasure to invite You, Your colleagues and associates to participate in the one-day International conference of the PROMISE European project (Personalized Medicine Inquiry Based Education) that will be held on Saturday, August 27th 2022, at the Mediterranean institute for life sciences in Split, Croatia, starting at 10:00 A.M.

PROMISE is an ERASMUS+ financed project within the framework of Higher education in the field of Innovation. This project gathered experts and young scientists from various disciplines related to biology, pharmacy and medicine. The main objective of the PROMISE project is to prepare medical, as well as students of other natural sciences for accelerated changes in medical practice and research, by creating innovative teaching programs.

Project coordinator of the PROMISE project is Mediterranean institute for life sciences- MedILS, with following project partners:

  • University of Split (School of Medicine),
  • University of Zagreb (Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry and Faculty of Science),
  • University Pompeu Fabra (Spain),
  • European Alliance for Personalised Medicine ( Belgium) and
  • Tamara Milošević ( France)

We believe that the contents of this project will be interessting for You and that Your participation in this conference will open the doors to future cooperation.

Looking forward to Your arrival !