A very interesting seminar with Mr. Denis Horgan took place in at Faculty of Science in Zagreb on Saturday, December 11th, 2021.

Mr. Denis Horgan is a manager of European Alliance for Personalized Medicine (EAPM) with more than 15 years of experience in implementing changes of policies and regulations to develop an environment for personalized healthcare in the European Union. As an entrepreneurial self-initiator, Mr. Horgan established a stakeholder association which has achieved political, regulatory, financial and state support for the introduction of personalized medicine and diagnostics in the health system. He is proven leader with experience of initiating changes, talent developing and successful results in multinational teams. Besides European Union, Mr. Horgan has been working in Mexico, Israel, Afghanistan and Pakistan. He is also a contributor to the “Public Health Genomics” academic journal. In the past years he has been connecting various partners from the social and medical field in order to ensure genuine respond of European initiatives for better health to the real needs of the individual and in Europe overall.

Denis, as one of seminary lecturers, arrived in Zagreb to meet with PROMISE students, share his experiences and provide advice on their future career steps. Apart from PROMISE students, seminar attendees were Professor Ivica Belina, chairman of healthcare associations, dr.sc. Duška Vujaklija, scientist from Ruđer Bošković institute in Zagreb, and dr.sc. Mihaela Perić, scientist from Faculty of Medicine in Zagreb. Seminar itself was very interactive with firsthand expierences and advices on how to start own projects and continue to profile and develop yourself in the profession.