Presentation of the PROMISE project at the "3DandVRforVET" conference

At „3DandVRforVET“ conference held on 9th July 2021 at the Mediterranean Institute for Life Sciences in Split, first generation of PROMISE students presented PROMISE project to teachers and students from Srednja strukovna škola Silvija Strahimira Kranjčevića from Livno and Zdravstvena škola from Split. They also presented them their own short video presentations on different topics relevant for disease prevention and maintaining well-being. Followed by presentations, they all participated in a very stimulating and interesting discussions on the importance of sleeping, a topic very relevant to everyone, and in particular to the young people that are trained to be a part of healthcare system.

We thank the students Petra Struški (Molecular biology student at Faculty of Science University of Zagreb), Anđela Škarpa (Pharmacy student at School of Medicine University of Split) and Vladimir Ercegović (Medical student at School of Medicine University of Split) for sharing your presentations, knowledge and enthusiasm.