PROMISE Preventive Medicine module  

Our hardworking Promise students have completed the third module - Preventive medicine module! We are proud of our 43 students who successfully completed the third module and won the open badge.


Module description: In this module, the participants learned the importance of lifestyle in maintaining the well-being and preserving one’s health.

After the module, students are able to:

  • Understand the impact of various lifestyle factors on prevention of different health condition
  • Discuss the importance of a healthy lifestyle and well-being in line with UN Agenda 2030
  • Communicate effectively in multi-disciplinary environment considering RRI principles
  • Develop dissemination strategy for various stakeholders

Student impressions:

1. "I like how this module was organized. The topics were very interesting and informative and I really liked the Individual and Group Assignments, especially the fact we were given more freedom and that they really greatly implemented the course theme. I wish there were more tasks where we could express our individual opinion. I also like that the fact that we are presenting our group projects to someone."

2. "I really liked this module, it was well organized and the moderators were always available to help when we needed."

3. "The course was interactive and I learned and improved my skills in making presentations."

4. "This module was probably the most balanced in the meaning of work and we had the opportunity to write and say our opinion on some topics. Whenever there was some additional questions about work, the instructors answered quickly and in detail which made it easier to do the task. A very interesting module and useful for the participants."

5. "I had a great time participating on this module and tasks were interesting. I would recommend it for future generations! :)"