PROMISE Personalised Medicine module  

The first module of the first year of the first students enrolled in our PROMISE Personalized Medicine module has been completed! We are extremely proud of our 60 students who successfully completed the first module and won the open badge.


Module description: Individually tailored treatments help achieve more favourable outcomes, better quality of life, and even cures. This approach is not just "the next big thing" in medicine - it is already here, and rapidly evolving. This module is aimed at young future researchers and health care professionals, who want to learn the merits and methods of personalised medicine.

After successfully finishing this module, students are familiar with the concepts and technologies behind custom-made treatments, and understand how to assess and apply the principles of RRI in research.

Student impressions:

  1. "I really liked the course, it was interactive, engaging and challenging, and I feel like I have gained a considerable amount of knowledge on personalized medicine."
  2. "Everything was brilliantly organised and professors were such an inspiration and topic covered is a future in medicine development. I wish for this project to last a bit longer and for the brochure making i would recommend chating with others through whatsapp rather then using group discussion forum. Apart from that, everything was brilliant."
  3. "Everything is very well planned and on time. You respected deadlines which is very important to me. The topics were interesting, and I think it is great that there was a combination of video lectures and text materials. I would only put longer quizes, because everytime that i saw twelve minutes I could not concentrate properly because I thought that there will not be enough time."
  4. "I am glad I was enroled in this project. It was very useful and it helped me to improve my knowledge. I find the part that was orientated on personalised medicine in cancer treatment the most interesting because I am planning to work in filed of oncology. Moderators were great, they explained everything I was expecting to learn in this module. I don`t have any critique, I am satisfied with all parts of module :)"
  5. "I really enoyed the lectures and time spent on the module. I gained some new knowledge and met new people. I would definitely recommend other students this course."