Media Training

Media Training was held at the Mediterranean Institute for Life Sciences in Split from 30th June to 3rd July 2020. This was a third Short-term joint staff training event which was provided by Davor Stanković, MA degree in Phonetics and English Language and Literature, Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) Practitioner, teacher of public speaking and media appearance with 15 years of experience. Media training was a capacity building activity training project partners to deliver engaging lectures in front of the camera. It is a necessary skill that is lacking in the project consortium.

Main goal:

  1. teach the participants how to deliver an effective lecture in front of a camera

Teaching methods:

  1. interactive workshop and performing and recording

Teaching topics:

  1. Introduction to media appearance
  2. How to keep the audience engaged
  3. Voice and articulation exercises
  4. Nonverbal communication
  5. Stage fright and camera shyness exercise
  6. Speech transitions: words and phrases to connect ideas

Acquired skills - After the training the participants will be able to: prepare the lecture taking care of the speech construction; use various element of speech (anecdote, humor, figures of speech) to keep the audience attention; use their voice in order to make their talk expressive; use nonverbal communication to portray the information or message; speak freely in front of a camera.

During an extremely interesting, dynamic and, above all, instructive training, the recordings took place in a relaxed atmosphere and in an inspired space of Art Science. After the beginner’s nervousness, everyone was able to relax very quickly and record their videos, some in a little less and some in a little more trying.


IMG 20200630 WA0007          IMG 20200630 WA0008


IMG 20200630 WA00101          IMG 20200701 WA0010


IMG 20200701 WA0013          IMG 20200702 WA0005