Kick-off Meeting

Mediterranean Institute for Life Sciences, as coordinator, introduced a new project- Personalized Medicine Inquiry-Based Education (PROMISE). From 13. to 16. October 2019. MedILS hosted partners from 4 countries, to present them the project, to get to know each other better and start a two-year collaboration.

After a nice dinner on Sunday night, Monday morning began with a Kick-off meeting, where everyone met the members of Steering Committee, arranged all the important dates, chose a logo of project. Project manager (PM) Branka Bernard introduced the project and all important project information such as: priorities addressed by PROMISE,  Intellectual Outputs, timeline,  Quality Manager (QM) Jelena Ružić introduced Financial plan and Quality assurance plan.

PR expert Marija Hauptmann introduced herself, Assistant of Project manager Karla Combes introduced Bitrix 24-platform and Irena Rajić (DPO) presented GDPR.

Directly after the kick-off meeting, Project coach (PC) Tamara Milosevic offered training on curriculum design, student-centered active learning and learning outcomes, and online/blended learning. The goal of this training was the building of the partners' capacity to design a novel P4 medicine training program. The result of this training was the curriculum mapping as a method to align the learning outcomes across the whole curriculum and in each module. The participants in this training was researchers and teachers from the partner institutions (University of Split, University of Zagreb, Universidad Pompeu Fabra) and participant from the European Alliance for Personalized Medicine had an important role in this training as they have the global societal perspective on P4 medicine.